Certified Naturally Grown Blueberries

Our blueberries are Certified Naturally Grown, which means that we adhere to organic growing practices. We have both high-bush and Rabbit- eye varieties, all of which differ in taste and time of ripening. We care about producing high quality, healthy berries. Listed below are the varieties we have available.
Oneal - Ready to pick earliest in the season with fruit ripening by the end of May or first week in June, are very large, very juicy and very sweet. Great for making wine, a special dessert or eating as a snack.
Sharp - Ready to pick a few weeks after the Oneal, the quintessential blueberry, great blueberry flavor. Great as a snack and on cereal or ice cream. A must have for July 4th celebrations. 
Rubel - Ready to pick mid-season (mid June to early July), closest cultivar to a wild blueberry and highest in antioxidants, very small, fleshy berries. Great for baking or smoothies.
Rabbit -Eye - Ready to pick late in the season mid to late July, great flavor and easy to pick on those hot summer days. This variety extends the season, so that you may enjoy Still Waters Farm blueberries longer. 

Where To Find Us
During the season you may find our berries for sale at Market Square Farmers' Market on Saturdays or you can come pick your own at the farm. Check out the "At the Farmers Market" page to see a complete schedule of dates and location at the Farmers Market and check out the "You-Pick 2017" page to find out more about how to come pick your own at the farm.